Base Oil & Lubricants

Base Oil & Lubricants

The Base Oil Market is segmented by Type (Group I, Group II, Group III, Group IV, and Other Types), Application (Engine Oils, Gear Oils, Metalworking Fluids, General Industrial Oils, Greases, Process Oils, and Other Applications).

OLEO ensures efficient procurement and supply chain to meet our customer’s requirements and specifications through our established relationships with leading oil companies, refineries and traders worldwide. Oleo is committed to meeting the needs of our Base Oil customers and the needs of evolving markets with top quality and reliable supply from refineries located worldwide. Oleo provides both back-to-back and physical supply services in the Base Oil market.

Our principal base oil markets are the Asian subcontinent, South East Asia & Africa.


  • Group I: SN70, SN150, SN500, SN600, BS 150
  • Group II: N70, N150, N500, N500
  • Group III: CST2, CST4, CST6, CST8
  • Group IV: Polyalphaolefins (PAOs)
  • Storage: Hamriyah & Nhavasheva
  • Packing: Bulk, Flexi Bags, IBC Tanks & Isotainers